Our Start
BlueCreek Innovation has dramatically increased Huron Investment Management’s ability to expertly deploy capital in the startup arena. The reason? Its founders are from the startup world themselves. The team got its start working on investor-funded projects in agriculture and renewable energy, and have since begun opening doors in the automotive industry, too.
Why we do what we do
We think novel ventures, together with a strong management team and supportive investors, are the most effective way to create positive change in society. Our entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation, and the investors that fund them allow meaningful ventures to thrive.
Where we are today
Today we are helping finance some of the best startups in Michigan. Our goal is to give these entrepreneurs the resources they need to fuel their vision, scale their operation, and take their venture to the next level.
Where we are going
In the near future, we plan to help connect entrepreneurs to international markets like China and Australia. Not only do we have a growing number of partners in these regions, but our team has identified countless opportunities for increasing market size, developing greater economies of scale, and securing a stable return on investment.